Different Pest Problem in Pune Area

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They lurk around, they leave holes and feces behind, they are obnoxious and ruin your garden and yard; they are pests. They come in all shapes and sizes. From the small flea to larger raccoons there is a virtual zoo of creatures a person can come across in their backyard, or worse, in their homes. Having a good pest control guide to aid in ridding you of these critters is essential. A guide will help a person determine what the creatures are, what kind of damage they can produce, and how to get rid of them.

This article will serve as a little pest control pune guide which will hopefully give basic information about creatures that may be infesting you home.

The first creature in this pest control guide is the termite. Termites are not necessarily the easiest bug to get rid of. On the other hand, there are ways to ensure that your home never has termite problems. If you do suspect that there is a termite problem in your home the first thing to do is call a specialist. There are plenty of companies offering their services to aid in getting rid of any animals or infestations which could be a hazard or a problem to a home. If you don’t have termites but do in fact live in a termite populated area, then one major precaution to take is to avoid having any wood laying around outside. It’s also important that there be no stagnant water left lying around the lawn; this can bring termites and all kinds of other bugs out of hiding. To summarize it’s important to make sure that the lawn is kept clean of any overgrowths and debris.

Another problem bug listed in this pest control guide is the common flea. Fleas thrive on blood from animals – dogs and cats to be more specific. Once fleas are brought into the house by the family pet it can be difficult to get rid of them. It depends on the type of flooring that is in the home. Carpets can keep flea eggs hidden from sight, this means that a few days after any vacuuming has been done more fleas may hatch. There are carpet sprays available that will kill the eggs. With a good vacuuming the problem should be taken care of. For homes that have only tile, ceramic, or hardwood floors just basic vacuuming should be sufficient to get rid of the nuisances. Of course, all family pets should be treated for fleas, even if they don’t go outside. If the fleas are a persistent problem then of course an exterminator should be called in to get rid of them. They can be a hazard to family members, especially young children. They bite a lot and can cause lesions and itchiness, not to mention anaemia in the family pet.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a good pest control guide if bed bugs were not mentioned. The mere thought of bugs crawling around in bed while a person is sleeping is enough to scare anyone. Bed bugs are present everywhere, though they were nearly extinct 6 decades back, they are now getting back to exist. While they haven’t always been a problem, they seem o be popping up more and more. Bed bugs infest mattresses and pillows; they also enhance asthma and can cause other health issues.

Do you know if you have bed bugs? This pest control guide should help in determining whether you do or not. First of all, bed bugs only come out when a person is sleeping. As soon as there is movement or light, they will scatter and go back to their hiding spots. Whether you clean your home every day or once a week it makes absolutely no difference to a bed bug.   A bed bug kind of resembles a tick, so mixing up the two could be quite easy. Hopefully this pest control guide will help you in knowing which is which.

When ticks bite they will stay in the skin and their bodies will bloat as they suck blood from their prey. Bed bugs bite but do not attach themselves, this is a huge difference between the two. Some ticks carry a disease called Lyme disease; the only way it can be transmitted is through a bite. Pets and humans alike can contract this disease, which can be fatal in some cases.

Another popular insect which should be included in a pest control guide is the ant. Whether it is the red ant or the black ant, these are probably some of the most annoying creatures to have around your home. They get into everything and just don’t seem to go away. Getting rid of an ant infestation can be rather easy. You do have the option of purchasing bait traps. These traps have food that attracts ants. Once the ants take a piece of the food they bring it back to the colony. All of the ants will ingest the food and die from the toxic chemicals in it. This may seem harsh, but just keep in mind that if the problem isn’t taken care of rapidly then it can become a very serious situation.

Looking online and trying to find the most information possible is highly suggested. Not every pest control guide will have the same information as the next one. While this pest control guide included ants, the next one may include rodents and animals such as bats and raccoons. You should peruse through a few guides, and without a doubt you will find the information that you are looking for.  This will give you an idea as to the type or types of insects you are dealing with. There are so many species of bugs that can enter the home… just thinking about them can make you sick and itchy.  Hopefully with this pest control guide you will have a better idea on how to get rid of specific insects.

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